No charge credit cards in comparison

An annual fee-free credit card means that the consumer does not have to pay for the credit card itself – unlike annual credit cards.

The first credit cards were introduced in the US in the last millennium. Now, in 2017, the range of credit cards is sufficient because banks want to offer different types of credit cards to different customers. Thus, in addition to the annual fee and annual fee cards, there are, among other things, gas cards and credit cards. Something for everyone.

No charge credit cards listed

No charge credit cards listed

Most of us are primarily interested in credit cards and the price. So we listed all the annual credit cards with no interest. Do you know what the interest rate on your card is?

Interest rates for annual credit cards in comparison

Cards free of charge for a year?

Cards free of charge for a year?

Sometimes the question arises as to which credit cards are free of charge and which are not. The answer depends slightly on the perspective. For example, annual GoodBank credit cards are free of charge only if you are an owner-customer or belong to an owner-customer economy. Again, depending on the co-operative, the lump sum of € 100-150 will be charged depending on the customer ownership. The money will be refunded if it differs from the cooperative.

Similarly, for example, K-money MasterCard is free of charge, but you must be a K-money member in order to receive the card for free. The K-money customer base again pays. It costs a one-time fee of EUR 8.40. However, most Finns are already customers of one of the two, meaning that the wallet usually contains either the K-money card or the S-Etukortti card – some of us even have both.

Some cases are a bit more grim. For example, a St1 credit card is basically free, but if you use the card for anything, that is, there are transactions on the card, you will have to pay an account fee of $ 2.5 per month. If the invoice contains interest-bearing credit, the fee is EUR 3.5 per month.

The billing surcharge itself is not a specialty of the St1 credit card, but usually all credit cards will have to pay a few euros billing credit if there is no interest on the card, ie you have not paid the credit card bill at once. If you pay off your credit card bill within the increased payment period, you will not have to pay any billing fees.

Why Credit Card Purchase?

Why Credit Card Purchase?

As we said at the beginning, there are many credit cards available today. Credit cards have grown in popularity, not least because they are no longer just means of payment, but can also secure your purchase and travel. Some credit cards often include, for example, travel insurance and Purchase Security. They therefore also seek to act as insurers for consumers.

At the same time, credit cards have begun to offer other accessories and extras alongside various insurance policies. This is the case, for example, with Norwegian Bank’s credit card, which can be used to collect flight points. Otherwise, flying is the main product of Bank Norwegian. Similarly, Stockmann, for example, has launched a credit card that can be used to accrue a payment advantage on its purchases.


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